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Superior Cleaning Solutions

Residential House Cleaning

At Mission Clean we can perform a variety of tasks during your appointment, but we want to know what is most important to you.
So we can make sure that your high-priority areas are ours too. Every home is different, and the size and scope of your home’s unique needs will determine how much our staff can do during our visit. Our mission is to transform our client’s living space into the cleanest home of their dreams. Our staff is here to assist you.

Move In Move Out

A move-in or move-out cleaning is a great way to ease the stress of packing and moving. This cleaning service takes place when the home is empty. We will customize move-in and move-out cleanings to your specific requirements.

Our Professional Staff

We complement our one-on-one approach to project management with cutting edge technology. We believe that good, long-lasting work comes at a fair price. Quality and professional services. Just give us a call and see for yourself.

Honest Employees

We hire only the best and honest in our industry. Our staff does a full background check. Our professional staff is safe and you can rest assured. We are the leader in cleaning services. We are here to assist you.

Green Products

We strive to use at least 85-90% of our products to be Eco-friendly or green, but realize sometimes to execute an immaculate job, we need to use a little more power to get that extra shine. Please know we will always check with you first before using anything other than non-toxic products.

Office Cleaning

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning company in Portland, OR, look no further than Mission Clean. We are experts in the cleaning company industry that provide commercial cleaning services that will leave you completely satisfied. We understand the importance of giving customers a good impression as soon as they walk in the door. Your company’s professional image will stay strong.

The right economical choice for your company is to hire Mission Clean rather than maintaining a large cleaning department to clean your building after hours. We can keep your office or showroom looking neat and presentable. We have the experience it takes to carefully work around valuable products on shelves, racks, and in baskets or bins. Our commercial customers trust us around their products.

Janitorial Services

We understand that each customer has unique needs and one size does not fit all. Unlike other companies, we provide our customers with the freedom to customize their service to meet their specific needs. We provide a checklist for you to customize.

Although we offer a wide range of standard cleaning services, there are some house cleaning jobs that require additional time and cost, such as windows, inside ovens, and refrigerators. We are the leading provider of cleaning services. Our sole mission is to provide quality services with emphasis on excellence and value to develop customer relations based on honesty, dependability, and integrity.